An Introduction

We will be discussing contracts in a very general sense. Please keep in mind that with the specific facts of your contract, much of the information provided will help you understand the legal consequences of the contract issue. Since there are specific issues that may change the outcome of your case, you should consult with an attorney to make sure that you are on a solid legal ground. We are always ready to pair you with an attorney to fit your specific needs.


The most litigated issue for contracts is whether or not you have a valid contract. As a rule, you should not make a determination, without the assistance of a lawyer, of whether you actually have a binding contract. An incorrect analysis may subject you to serious damages if you are wrong, and you may end up paying thousands of dollars in damages.


However, there are contracts that we make every day that are not large in dollar amount. In fact, each time we are engaged in any transaction to purchase goods/services, we are likely making a contract. We want to help you understand what constitutes a contract. By understanding the basics of contracts, you can determine if you are on a solid legal ground in any contract dispute.

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