Legal Path To Citizenship For Immigrants

Lawful Permanent Resident Status (“Green Card” Holder): Lawful permanent residents (LPR status) are allowed to reside and work permanently in the United States.  Lawful Permanent Residents are also known as “Green Card” holders. 

Losing your Green Card - If you lose your Green Card [or it is stolen] you should report the loss or theft to the local police department. A replacement card can be obtained by contacting the INS office [toll free 1-800-755-0777] to request Form I-90, "Application to Replace Alien Registration Card." The instructions for completion are included with the application.

Unless you have been adopted and do not have a relationship with your natural mother, you are considered the child of your natural mother. For fathers to be considered parents, the following are considered:

Widows and widowers can file a Petition on their own behalf, but they need to demonstrate that the following requirements have been met:

Another close issue is a current spouse separated or living apart at the time the I-130 Petition is either filed or being processed. Naturally, the cooperation of the citizen spouse, who is likely the Petitioner in this case, is necessary. It would be extremely difficult to attend an interview with a hostile spouse from whom a beneficiary is separated, but not divorced.

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