Part II. What is Evidence and How Can it Help Your Case?

Lawyers are asked all the time if “I should contest the traffic ticket I received.” Our general answer has two parts:

Imagine you’re making your way to work or going home. You’re following the flow of traffic, listening to music, your mind focused on your first meeting of the day or thinking about what to cooking for dinner when you see it. The unmistakable flash of red, white and blue in your rearview mirror.

If you have received a ticket and decide to fight it, you must know what not to say. You want your argument to be strong. Do not offer excuses that are admissions of guilt, no matter how tempting they are, such as:

Building a better argument to fight against your traffic ticket will increase your chance of success. Objective evidence, pictures, research from the scene, diagrams and witnesses can bolster your chances of winning your case. You will have an opportunity to cross-examine the police officer, so be prepared with questions that support your evidence and maintain a professional attitude.

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