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Now that the Tax Day deadline has passed, you may be aiming to improve how you handle your finances in the future. Now is the perfect time to start with some simple, manageable steps.
Understanding Student Loan Refinancing

Leases should be treated just like contracts. They are enforceable and will obligate you to the terms of any signed agreement. Generally, there are two types of leases: "open end" leases and "closed end" leases.

Open end leases:

What is a Warranty? Warranties are guarantees made usually by manufacturers or service companies which may describe the terms by which services, repairs, replacement, or maintenance will be conducted should any such work be necessary.

In order to hide assets from the bankruptcy court, transfers to other parties are often contemplated. If you understand the legal system mindset that often catches people unfamiliar with the proceedings off-guard, you will understand and avoid pitfalls of trouble.

Who pays for undelivered goods? Consider the typical situation where you ordered goods by telephone from a mail order catalog. Or, you ordered goods from a local store. In each case, you were required to pay in advance of receiving the goods.

There are certain rules and procedures, which must be followed when you get to court. First, both sides should appear at the proper place at the proper time and respond to the clerk when your case is called.

This section deals with the actual notice given to defendants when they are being sued and what happens if there is not proper notice.


All courts will require you to provide proof that you have actually given notice of the lawsuit to all of the defendants. The courts strive for actual notice to each party.

To begin a case in Small Claims Court, the first step is filing the correct paperwork.


Certain witnesses are allowed to testify in certain cases on matters which the judge or jury may not be able to understand clearly. Small Claims Courts have a means for allowing certain witnesses to come to court and testify about certain evidence, just as in regular court. These witnesses are often called expert witnesses.


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