Frequent Legal Needs

There are many types of legal matters that you can become involved in. Below are the some of the time frames you can expect based on the legal matters most commonly needed by LegalEASE members.

Estate Planning, Wills, Trust

Identity theft cases can be very complex. It is perhaps one of the few crimes where the victim is considered guilty until proven innocent. The burden of proof falls upon the victim to prove that they are indeed victims of identity theft. Therefore, it is very important for you to document all of your actions and conversations from the very beginning of the recovery process.

As a homeowner and landlord, you have an absolute right to your own property. That means no person can intrude on your land without your permission, an easement or common driveway exists, or zoning, or local, state or federal law acquires an interest in your property through eminent domain.

What happens if someone sues you for causing property damage to their property? The best defense is always to outline each element of the plaintiff's case, and then ask yourself what proof the plaintiff has on each element, and what proof you can introduce or bring to court to disprove the plaintiff's version.

Part of being prepared for identity theft is understanding some of the major signs of identity theft. The majority of identity theft victims do not even know their identity has been compromised until they are contacted by a collection agency for fraudulent debts or falsely arrested by the police.

Auto accidents are unfortunate circumstances. They can happen to anyone, no matter how safe you are on the road. When an accident occurs, more than your health is at stake. You need to assess your injuries and do many things to ensure your recovery. Defending against persons claiming that you caused an accident can involve many factors.

When buying or selling a house, it is good to be aware of several common problems can arise in any real estate sale.

Generally the following steps are involved in a routine real estate transaction:

Perhaps the most common transaction in the area of real property is the purchase or sale of a residential property. In many states, real estate brokers, title companies, and escrow companies routinely handle purchases of residential property, without the services of a lawyer, in other states, attorneys handle various parts of the transactions.

Everyday, you engage in transactions that require the sharing of your personal information. For example, you share your personal information when you make purchases, pay bills, pay taxes, and log onto your favorite websites.


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