Featured Attorney Michael Langford

PRIDE Month: Featured Attorney, Michael LangfordA very important part of LegalEASE are our In Network attorneys. Our company highlights attorneys who have made significant contributions in their areas of law and maintain impeccable standards of excellence for their clients and communities. We would like to introduce you to Attorney Michael Langford

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We are a family-run business in the business of helping families. Serving Maricopa, Gila, Pima, Cochise, and Pinal counties with office locations in Chandler and Tucson.
The primary focus of our practice is Family Law. Family law encompasses everything from Divorce, Child Custody, and child support, to drafting prenuptial agreements. Michael is also a trained mediator and available to help good people going through a hard time settle their differences outside of court. Mediation not only saves people the discomfort of arguing in a court of law but is also considerably more affordable.
In addition to Family Law, Michael is also knowledgeable about Guardianship, some aspects of Criminal Law, as well as Wills and Trusts and other life planning documents. His knowledge of these areas of law compliment his practice, as many of our family law clients are also dealing with other side issues. In divorce and child custody cases, one party may be accused by the other party of committing a crime. Criminal law knowledge allows him to better advise his clients as to what to expect throughout the entire legal process. 
We often find that many of our family law clients come to us looking for security. They want to know what they can do to protect themselves and their families. In addition to drafting a prenuptial or helping a client with a guardianship, they may need a will or a power of attorney. Michael’s life planning experience is one more way he can make sure that his clients get the well-rounded, thorough representation they deserve.
As a member of a blended family himself, Michael understands the complicated and sometimes painful issues that may arise when dealing with an ex-spouse or planning for a child’s future. This firsthand knowledge has made him an extremely caring counselor, who is very sensitive to the needs of his clients. He recognizes that people often come to an attorney at a low point in their life, and because of this, may also be suffering financially. In order to offset any burden to his clients, he keeps his prices extremely competitive, and is always willing to work with clients who may require the option of an interest free payment plan.
Whether you are going through a hard time, or just need a little peace of mind, Langford Law Office can help you find your way. We are a family run business in the business of helping families.