When Free or Low-Cost Legal Help is Not Enough for Single Moms

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In a 2017 study conducted by LSC, America’s Partner for Equal Justice, an estimated 62% to 72% of low-income Americans that sought LSC funded legal aid did not receive enough or any legal assistance at all due to a lack of resources.

There are simply too many people who cannot afford legal care when they need it, especially low-income mothers. The U.S. Census Bureau defines low income as earning $20,000 to $44,000 per year. Those numbers certainly include full time professional mothers who are caring for their child or children alone without any additional assistance.

LSC estimates that in New York City 91% of petitioners and 92% of respondents do not even have lawyers in child support matters when in family court.

Having the appropriate legal help with a difficult divorce, custody or child support case is absolutely vital in order to have a positive outcome.

A great example of this is that in 2015 approximately 69.3% of custodial parents (the vast majority of whom are women) received some child support payments but only 43.5% actually received the full amounts they were entitled to receive. Receiving child support can absolutely make the difference in a single mom’s ability to care for her children and provide the appropriate housing, education, nutrition and childcare for her child or children to succeed in life.  

Despite the numerous organizations that exist to provide free or low-cost legal help, it is clear that there is a need for financial assistance along with access to lawyers who can and will help single moms in these kinds of situations.

The simple truth is that a good fully insured legal plan can help an individual navigate a divorce or child support case without having to pay much or anything out of pocket. An insured legal plan can make the difference between financial catastrophe and being able to have the help of credentialed, qualified lawyers and a member services staff to help you navigate the legal system. A voluntary employee legal plan generally does not cost more than $20 a month, which is truly a far more affordable solution that could help millions and save millions.