Featured Network Attorney: Cara Surrell

Women's History Month: Featured Attorney, Cara SurrellA very important part of LegalEASE are our In Network attorneys. Our company highlights attorneys who have made significant contributions in their areas of law and maintain impeccable standards of excellence for their clients and communities. We would like to introduce you to Attorney Cara Surrell.

Introducing Attorney Cara Surrell. Connect through Linkedin | website, scottpractice.com

Cara works with clients, developing a plan to protect their family, their children, and their assets.  She is an Estate Planning/Probate lawyer in the Austin area and will stand by your side as you enter the next chapter in your life. She specializes in Family Law, Probate Law, Estate Planning, Immigration Law and Child Custody cases.
Cara Leann Surell is a native Texan, spending her childhood in North East Texas, particularly Atlanta, Texas where she graduated from Atlanta High School. Mrs. Surell received her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas in Austin and obtained her law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law. Following graduation, Mrs. Surell became licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas and joined the Jackson Law Firm as an associate and worked there for 8 years.  She has now ventured out on her own and opened the Surell Law Firm in 2022.
Attorney Surell offers more than just legal advocacy – she provides practical advice gained from her experience, empathy, and coaching with a client-focused approach. She can help you get through your legal issue and on to living your life.
Cara has a new eBook online, "Texas Estate Planning Guide: How to Avoid Probate and provide for your family after you are gone."