Featured Network Attorney: Maria Scheuring

Women's History Month: Featured Attorney, Maria ScheuringA very important part of LegalEASE are our In Network attorneys. Our company highlights attorneys who have made significant contributions in their areas of law and maintain impeccable standards of excellence for their clients and communities. We would like to introduce you to Attorney Maria Scheuring.

Introducing Attorney Maria Scheuring. Connect through Linkedin | website, mselawyer.com

Maria is a skilled Trial and Appellate Attorney with more than 25 years of experience in Matrimonial, Family Law, Guardianship, including Counsel for Corporations, Musicians, Music Vendors and Venues,  Major Insurance Companies, and the District Attorney's Office.  Her professional expertise is in all forms of litigation and contracts,  including Matrimonial, Guardianships and Music Law, making her an ideal candidate to represent many different companies, clients and law firms in any legal capacity.
Prior to founding two law firms, Maria was an Associate Attorney at a number of Law Firms in the New York City Area that concentrated in Plaintiff's No-Fault Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury, as well as Corporate General Insurance Defense Work for cases involving municipalities, large international corporations, construction, aviation, products liability, wrongful death, and complex toxic tort litigation.  In each of these positions, she made daily court appearances and as well as conducted arbitrations, depositions, negotiations and heavy motion practice.  She has handled hundreds of cases and clients at a time. 
Immediately after graduating law school in 1998, Maria worked as an Assistant District Attorney in the Office of the District Attorney, Bronx, New York.  As an ADA, MariaI managed a caseload of 80 to 140 cases at a time, conducted pre-trial hearings, trials, arraignments, and witness and Police Officer interviews daily. She investigated and evaluated felony and misdemeanor cases, drafted motions, and gathered evidence to prosecute criminal cases in the Bronx.  During Law School, she also worked as a Law Intern in the Felony Trial Division where she second-sat homicide and felony trials.
Maria is a musician, intimately familiar with the issues that arise with musicians, bands, performances, venues, and musical works.  Her firm's Music Law Department handles the contractual and legal aspect of the issues that confront musicians, including copyrights, licensing  publishing, distribution, endorsement deals, merchandising and touring, so music can be their focus.
As one of the few Law Firms in Long Island owned by a female, I am Ccrtified as a "Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise" (M/WBE) in Suffolk County, New York.
One of the services her firm provides is the Per Diem Branch of the Practice for appearances throughout Suffolk County on all Litigation matters. Maria has successfully litigated hundreds of motions, arbitrations, trials and appeals as a Per Diem Attorney also.