Lawyers and Children

No parent ever wants to face a situation that requires them to hire a lawyer to represent their child. But when it does happen, nothing is more important than finding the right lawyer.

Whether a school related issue, family issue, or even something as serious as a DUI, having the best possible representation makes all the difference in protecting your child’s future.

Imagine if your child needed surgery. You would want to find the best qualified doctor that you trusted to take care of your child. An attorney is no different and no less important, and just like with healthcare, you have to make sure you have access and funds for the best help available.

The problem with finding the right specialized lawyer as opposed to a family doctor or a well known medical specialist is that it can be very difficult to research detailed information on lawyers, particularly in time for important court dates.

There is also no real way to determine if a lawyer will work well with your child, which is an important factor and a common issue.

The 2016 study Challenges to Children’s Rights Today: What Do Children Think?, completed for the Council of Europe, illustrates the legal issues that children often face and how children all too often feel about their lawyers: “Some children interviewed as part of the Council of Europe consultation feel that their lawyer was ineffective when they were in conflict with the law. They complain about the lack of meaningful contact with their lawyers while they were in detention.”

So what then is the solution? How can you find the right lawyer?

The best option is to allow a professional, trained concierge service with the highest level qualifications for network attorney participation help you find the best possible lawyer for your child’s specific needs.  

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LegalEASE’s attorney/member matching compatibility service is on of a kind in the industry and uses over 47 matching factors to make sure you have access to a lawyer who can and will help your child. A good legal plan will let you rest easy knowing that a lawyer who specializes in childhood legal issues and who has a demonstrated history of working well with members will be assigned to your child’s case.

Stay tuned to read how you can prepare your family for the financial side of dealing with potential legal issues that occur with everyday life events.