Student Loans: Women, What Do You Do When Finding Affordable Legal Help Immediately Is Not Affordable or Immediate?

Women & Debt, Installment III of V

What do you do when you are one of over 10,000 people scammed by a company claiming to offer debt relief? What do you do when the fees and program costs you paid for a student loan forgiveness program or debt relief program “puts you in default on your student loans?” What do you do when the information you gave to a student loan debt relief company “was doctored, inaccurately completed, and/or altered without your permission”, by the company claiming to relive your debt, on federal documents?

More often than not you turn to find legal help from a lawyer. Howevery, many people run into several connection issues when trying to find a lawyer. One of those issues being response time. Which can range from 24 hours to never. Most lawyers and/or firms charge consultation fees. Let us say you have the money to pay the fee, so you do. Which is a good start but might not amount to the resolution you hoped for after paying the consultation fee which ranges anywhere between $100 to $400 per hour”. That’s a large fee to pay without the guarantee of legal services or the assurance of a winnable case, and the fees don’t end there.

If you luckily get a timely response and a lawyer who agrees to work your case, you still haven’t overcome one of the biggest obstacles between you and the finish line, affording the cost of legal expenses. Some attorneys and/or firms allow the retainer fee to be applied to the overall bill. However, other attorneys and/or firms do not. Instead the retainer fee is a reservation fee to obtain the legal services you are seeking. You will still likely be charged billable hours as well. 

As you can see, these options are not viable - better options will be listed in installment IV – Women, Quality and Affordable Debt Relief Does Exist.


Financial Counseling to help you get out of debt is also included in our legal plan.


By: Imani Hicks

Published 06/10/2020